What is Drupal?

Assuming that you are searching for a secure and safe CMS platform, then you can safely bet on the very same app that is utilized by the White House (WhiteHouse.gov) as well as The Economist (Economist.com) – Drupal. The Drupal CMS is obtainable 100% free, it’s extremely convenient and very customizable. It allows you to generate just about any website within minutes.

With well over 500,000 proactive contributors, Drupal boasts one of the few largest web application communities. The community has helped create hundreds of free of charge Drupal templates, has enhanced the main functions of Drupal with lots of Drupal add–ons and it’s nonstop able to aid and share know–how about how exactly things are carried out in the Drupal camp.

Drupal is a trademark of Dries Buytaert and is not connected with Xanthari Web Systems.

Drupal–Optimized Shared Website Hosting Services

Assuming that you want an effective Drupal shared website hosting solution, you’ve reached the perfect place. At Xanthari Web Systems, all the Drupal shared website hosting services come with a 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. We’re going to additionally install & configure Drupal for you just after sign–up. Furthermore, assuming that at any time in the initial 30 days you are not fully satisfied with our solutions – we’ll offer you a refund, no questions asked.

Each of the Drupal shared website hosting offers moreover boasts unrestricted disk space, infinite traffic and unlimited MySQL storage. Because of this, your website can develop and be more popular than ever without you ever having to concern yourself with reaching any feature boundaries.

A Point & Click Hosting Control Panel

In addition to Xanthari Web Systems’s unique shared website hosting system, we’ve also developed a one of a kind Hosting Control Panel that can be found with our Drupal shared website hosting plans. It’s intended to live in the cloud as well as to interact just with our shared website hosting platform. This will make it considerably quicker and a lot more safe when compared with alternative control panels.

Another benefit of the Hosting Control Panel would be the fact it allows you to command everything from just one location. You can supervise your web site, immediately switch to make certain edits for your domain name, and then take a look at your billing – all within the very same control panel, merely a click away. No requirement for additional billing or domain panels and no need for you to try to remember several passwords.